Time does not change, time changes everything and as hostages of our past, it is holding our ancestors and memories as unforgettable, it is writing and composing them in one everlasting remembrance, close and sad as reality of living.

My story has withstood the ravages of time. It continues to be told with a zeal which never extinguishes. Its truth dates back from many, many years ago and does not end.

Sudden passersby had been guided here by the silk way Via Egnatia connecting Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea with my city Ohrid where my ancestors offered a nice place for rest to the traders and passersby who were attracted by the clear blue waters of Lake Ohrid, its numerous endemic silver- like fish species which aroused admiration to all visitors.

The newcomers were arriving here to earn for their living and to find spiritual food. My ancestors dealing with fishing , which is a main activity in the city, offered to the passersby-traders a place to rest in their typical Ohrid style houses with a beautiful view over the lake. They stayed overnight and then prepared themselves for a new catch with a thought to return here again.

From the stories of my great-grandfather Peter, I learned that his grandfather was one of the few people, most likely the only one at that time, who studied, read and knew the Arabic and Chinese alphabet , literature and history. So, whenever an unknown traveler arrived here, he was asked to translate. Thus, he had the opportunity to meet many people such as Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Arabs, Jewish, Indians, Europeans etc.

Life in my native city Ohrid has been continuously going on for 7 millennium already and along with it the tourism has been growing and developing also.

Here my family many, many years ago had been welcoming and caring for the visitors who were coming here either for work or pleasure. They extended modest hospitality but full of love, spiced with lake nectar and narration about the hard times, their struggle for life and the hope, for a better catch in the morning sunrise.

Nourished from unselfishness of this sincerity, I got an inspiration to fulfill some of my wishes and messages. I continue their story in order to continue the tradition.

Modern times has called it CITY INN HOTEL  and in my heart it stands like a beautiful photography of an anonymous photographer showing to me how the people should feel in order to find a peace, tranquility and rest.

My narration is a reminder of past events, nowadays and future events. It is also a reminder of two different times united in one without any obstacles for mutual understanding.

To continue a century old tradition unselfishly as something holy and pass it on from generation to generation.

To respect a man as a human being no matter who he is and where he comes from. As for me, I am to develop my own capabilities with a faith, persistence and giving a part of myself with lots of emotions. Developing my own creativity which will result in success.

The scream of the gull has taken my thoughts away. I stood surprisingly. The night has come already and the day has gone. To be sincere, I succeeded in assembling the mosaic of the past times, nowadays and the future.

The outcome of this story-telling is CITY INN HOTEL . Let us enhance it and make it more beautiful and be ourselves and unrepeatable.

Whoever reads this story is warmly welcome in CITY INN HOTEL  which is located in the very heart of Ohrid nearby the shopping center where one can feel the spirit of old craftworks mixed with modern trends brought by nicely arranged shops. It is in the center of the city, close to the market place and the old part of the city interwoven with old cultural monuments.

Anyone who will come here shall convince himself of the truth and authenticity of this story.